Having Trouble Finding New Employees? Try These 5 Tips!

Business is booming, but I can’t find any good employees!!! With unemployment levels back down to normal levels and most people that want a job back to work, it’s becoming more challenging to find good people. Couple that with the fact that 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day and it’s a double whammy! Here are few tips to try out the next time you are looking to expand staff.

1. Tap your existing employee base! Have a good team? Go to them and ask them if they know of anyone that they think will be a good fit. It’s a win-win! Typically people hang out with like-minded people and they will carefully choose who they have to work beside. Set up a bonus program to jump start your employee pool. $200 for a referral that works out and then an additional $200 if they make it past the 6-month mark. Think about how much money you spend online and in the papers, it’s a good deal.

2. Hold a job fair! Have an after hours mixer and have your employees invite friends and family. One of our customers has had tremendous success by soliciting their key employees to check with family and have hired several quality family members. Wings and beer are a great ice breaker!

3. Old employees! You know the expression, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Look through company records over the past 5 years and if there was a good employee that moved on, check in with them. In fact, you should start this practice today. When a good employee leaves on good terms, add a follow up in your calendar every 6 months to just check and see how they are doing. You’d be surprise what happens. Either they come back or will refer other quality employees back simply because you care enough to stay in touch.

4. Social Media! Our agency has had good success in recruiting entry level folks by using Facebook. “Tired of a dead end job? Want more? Start your career with us today!” has been a simple but effective tool. In fact, our last customer service agent position we initially paid $1,000 in ads and received 2 potential candidates. A month later we posted on Facebook and boosted the post for $20 and we ended up interviewing, yes interviewing, 8 candidates for the same position.

5. Benefits. Lastly, make sure your benefits are competitive. Most businesses scaled back and dropped group life and disability insurance but many have put those benefits back on the table as an employee retention & acquisition tool. Group life is CHEAP and easy to set up and appreciated by employees. Email us today for a quick quote at info@doupleinsurance.com .

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