635966215333428582-2115209156_attentionPlease be advised that shortly you will be receiving communication from your health insurance company about changes coming up for 2017.  This letter will inform you of any changes regarding premium or plan benefits and is important to read.

We expect a lot of disruption in the marketplace this year and would like to advise you how we plan to assist you this year.  Unfortunately, you will receive the notice of change prior to our office receiving this information.  This means, we will not have any information to review with you on your individual health plan until November 1st, 2016.  In order to cut down on phone calls prior to that time, we are respectfully asking you to wait until November 1st to review, so we have an opportunity to review your plan as well as other alternatives available at that time.  Don’t forget…you have until December 15th to elect a new plan for coverage to begin on January 1st.  There’s plenty of time to review.

Please also recognize that you are very important to us and we are here to help, but call volumes are expected to be high beginning on November 1st.   While we typically pride ourselves with same day service, we ask for your patience as we work to assist everyone and appreciate your understanding that there may be a delay of a few days returning your calls…but we will!  Your patience is appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the fact we do not have any information until that time, we are not accepting appointments until we’ve had an opportunity to review the best options that will be available for 2017.

IMPORTANT:  We are not accepting new individual health customers at this time

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