2017 Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare

2017We are investing in new technology to do a better job of communicating important topics and deadlines. Starting with our new email program through Constant Contact we can now instantly update you on changes that come down from Medicare and Social Security and help you understand how it will affect you. If a new Medicare carrier enters the market and is providing great value, we can let you know about it. We believe there will be a lot of changes coming down the road and we are now better able to “keep you in the know”.

Last year we rolled out our online prescription review form and it was a tremendous success. We had over 250 customers use the online form and here was some of the feedback we received.

“I loved it! I’m usually on my computer late at night so I could look up my meds and shoot them over at my convenience” John D. – Denver, PA

“You guys were much faster getting back to me this year because I used the online form. I liked it had a section I could provide a little more information as well. Thank you for the outstanding service as always!” Joan K. – Elizabethtown, PA

“Quick, easy, and I liked I didn’t have to play phone tag with Katie! No offense Katie!” Sam W. – Lancaster, PA

On average we were spending 20-30 minutes on the phone collecting this info with each person when you factor in messages and playing phone tag. So when you take 250 people multiplied by that much time, we are talking about a ton of non productive time for all of us. You want to get us the info, let us do our job, and get back to what you want to do…not hang out waiting for a call back. This freed up our agents and support staff to help take care of our customers that much quicker and saved well over a week’s worth of time. It was a huge win-win. Now our goal is to double the number of people that use the quick and easy online form so we can provide that much better service this year.

Stay tuned for more information as we get close to October!

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